In the words of the Dalai Lama, it will be the women who will lead the world. This is the message that Dr Ervin Laszlo shared with his keynote speech at the Global Woman Summit 2016 in London as well. We need a New Paradigm for the world and part of this shift, he believes, is that women are bringing in a new era, who are contributing to bring positive change in the world.

This is what motivated the founder of Global Woman magazine, Mirela Sula, to start this initiative of raising more awareness about women empowerment through sharing their stories, which led to the vision and creation of Global Woman Clubs for women all around the world.

Phenomenal Global Women’ is a project that is part of this campaign. Ten women of different backgrounds, culture and nationality, were invited to share their stories in the magazine, write a chapter in the book, ‘Phenomenal Global Women leading the way to the New Paradigm’, launching their book and speaking at a conference on 8th October 2017 at Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Hotel in California.

The main part of the project is for the ten women to be filmed over ten days in and around Hollywood for ‘The Phenomenal Global Women’ show, to be broadcast on PBS TV Los Angeles in January 2018 and then on other PBS TV networks and the PBS video channel after that. The primary aim is to share their message and inspiring stories for empowering more women around the world. It is about dreaming big and then through decisive action, turning those dreams into reality.