Phenomenal Global Woman Conference 8th October 2017


The Organiser

Journalist, trainer and psychologist, Mirela has worked in the media and education for the last 15 years. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching and media training. Mirela is CEO and the editor in chief of Global Woman magazine and the organiser of Global Woman Summit. She is also the Founder of Migrant Woman Platform and the organiser of Migrant Woman Conference in London, UK. Mirela is mentor and entrepreneur and also studying for a PhD research in Psychology at Regent’s University. Mirela is also author of several bestselling books. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ is published in America and Turkey. Winner of many awards such as the “Inspirational Award for Women 2015” for Human Rights and the “Up- And – Coming Inspirational Influencer” Award in 2017. Mirela has just started a new business for women entrepreneurs called: “The Business Woman Today” an online platform and a social media for business-women.


Syria, based in London

Lara Khalaf supports women in business become extraordinary people leaders. “Hard work”, “responsibility” and “Love” are the 3 main qualities that most define her career and life accomplishments to date. Lara was raised between Syria and Spain and currently resides in London; She is passionate about working with women to support them flourish in their businesses and leadership roles so they become confident and successful.

Lara holds a degree in literature, however she has more than 18 years of international experience in progressive leadership roles and managing large team operations across organisations in the private, corporate and public sectors. Lara is also a board member of a medical care organisation in Spain. Some of the her clients come from the best in class firms in the world and from a variety of industries such as Medicine, Technology, Sports, Governmental, Entertainment & Music, Insurance, Banking, Investment banking, Automative, Hospitality and Facilities Management, as well as serving several European Royal Families to mention a few. Lara has recently spoken at the prestigious TEDx platform on the topic “the other side of Syria”.


Gema Ramírez is a Visionary, an Inspirational Author, a Conscious Change Agent and a Coach. She lives from her Heart. Her dream is that every person becomes a leader, a Conscious Leader and that every business becomes a Conscious Business. She believes that not everyone is aware that they are the leaders of their own lives. Gema wishes that everyone start to lead their lives from their Heart, with a Purpose or a
Dream, Inspiring others and leaving a Legacy that speaks about them forever.

Gema knows that becoming Conscious Leaders and building Conscious Business have to be done from Love and with Compassion, starting with Self- With over 20 years of working experience in the corporate world, having collaborated with some of the largest IT multinationals like IBM, HP and Cisco Systems, she has a solid and proven background in IT Training, Change Management, Coaching and Leadership. Her passion about her
own self-development and spirituality has driven her life. She is a Reiki Master and has studied many other healing modalities with enlightened teachers. She is the owner and founder of SWEET BLUE, where she offers her
Coaching & Mentoring services and programs. She is the Director of ALIENTACOACHING UK, bringing to the UK market the ´Coaching and Conscious & Emotional Intelligent Leadership Program´ that has been changing lives in Spain. She is also the chairman of SHAMBHALA TRUST, an educational Trust based in Glastonbury, UK dedicated to

inspiring people to raise in Consciousness. Her first book, ´Love Unboxed´, is an International Best-Seller.

From Peru, residing in Holland

Being aware of the need to empower women through education in the financial markets;Giovana Vega’s goal is to lead women into achieving their highest potential through the trading sector. With a passionate and adventurous personality; Peruvian, Giovana Vega decided to take a chance and reach for the unknown when she decided to drop out of law school and move to Madrid. She began studying marketing and met the love of her life with whom she later moved to the Netherlands.

She completed her studies in book keeping, and found a job in a major cacao and coffee trading company in Amsterdam; where she worked for over 14 years in the finance and controlling department. It is here where her curiosity for understanding how the financial market operates was born and it is also, during this period, that she realized the advantageous position that women possess due to their intrinsic qualities.

In 2016, she successfully concluded her trading program as a Trader of the Foreign Exchange Market and received her certificate from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and at the ForexDuet Academy, in Madrid. And, ever since, she has made it her mission to challenge frontiers by enthusing women to create wealth through the financial markets and taking an active role in its operations.
As founder of Trading for Women, she has been taking her mission as a speaker on many international forums. Currently, Giovana, is preparing for the launching of her first book: “TRADING FOR SUCCESS” which will be available on all formats late fall 2017.

Born in Serbia, residing in Holland

Ivana de Haan

The time has come to start something completely different

Ivana de Haan was born in a small village in Serbia, (formerly known asYugoslavia) and came to Holland at the age of five.Ivana started her first job when she was eighteen and at the age of twenty-five she went back to school again,graduatingwith a bachelor’s degree. At the same time,Ivanastarted her first business with two other businesspartners,a recruitment agency for technical staff. The company was active in the oil and gasindustry, mechanical maintenance, shipbuilding, onand offshore, and construction, all over Holland, and occasionally abroad. 18 months later the second company was born. A factory that made spare parts for the foodindustry for a foreign company based in Poland, which had itsown workshop, production machines and employees. The business was a great success butIn 2004 Ivana discovered that she had been let down by untrustworthy people, and the damage they had caused.  It took her five years to solve the financial problems and then took it from from zero to more than one million turnover in less than one year. This created the financial freedom for her to leave with dignity in 2009.

Ivana started all over again on her own with a similar business to her first one, (recruitment) and again built up a solid and successful company in a downturned economy. Despite her success, Ivana wanted more out of life. In 2015she decided to do something completely different: Making her own high-end handbags, IVANA,designing the model, finding a manufacturer and putting them on the market,all within six months. She launched her collection for the first time in December 2016 at the LXRY fair in Amsterdam andwas asked to show her collection at Top Marques in Monaco. Ivana  designed a customized handbag with matching ties for the Royal Familieof Monaco and in May 2017 showed her collection at the The Fashion Week in Monte Carlo. Thanks to Global Woman Club her collection has also been shown in London and Dubai, where she was also a panel speaker on stage and Ivana has been on the front cover of Global Woman magazine.Ivana also organized her own event called ‘Womens Platform’ by Ivana.

Her brand, IVANA, has been in serveral national magazines, newspapers and on national TV in Holland. Several international celebrities already have an IVANA. Ivana is most proud of the fact that  she had the opportunity to create an IVANA Bag and ties for the Royal family of  Monaco, His Royal Highness Prince Albert II and his wife princess Charlene.

My motto is: “Dare to be yourself”.

Live your live tothe full potential to achieve the highest level in life. If I can do it, you definitely can.


California / USA

As a result of her highly unique blend of leadership competence, authenticity and tremendous business success, Lynda has become of the most sought-after Personal Development Speakers, Coaches and Business Executives today. She is both the published author and facilitator of the award-winning Breakthrough Living Personal Development/Coaching Program, the creator of the Roots and Wings Initiative that teaches leadership, personal growth and ‘team’ to teenagers and young adults, as well as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GIA, an international wellness company that Lynda guided from a local startup to an international, multi-million dollar success story. Leading up to her training, speaking and executive leadership career, Lynda graduated with honors from the University of Southern California (USC) and was the youngest student accepted to the study-abroad program at Cambridge University in England.

The results from Lynda’s success formula speak for themselves, as she has helped businesses grow their sales from as little as $20K per month to over $10M per year, while also helping thousands of individuals reach their personal, physical, relationship, and career goals. The foundation of Lynda’s teachings stems from her deep knowledge of Hall-of-Fame Coach John Wooden’s time-tested success philosophies, with Lynda having been the only female facilitator of North America’s top-ranked team building program, based on Coach Wooden’s renowned Pyramid of Success. Combined with her own vision and passion, Lynda powerfully and consistently delivers on her promise of inspiring people to experience true transformation and measurable success in all areas of their lives. Lynda has also been selected into the elite circle of “10 Inspirational, Phenomenal Global Women” and will be featured in an upcoming PBS documentary and book about “The New Paradigm for Changing the World”. Lynda resides on the beautiful Southern California coast with her husband and two daughters, who she calls her daily inspiration.

From Estonia, residing in UK

Multi-Award-Winning High Achiever
Recent: High Achiever 2017 Award Winner (by Global Woman Magazine)
Last Year: High Achiever 2015 Winner (by Success Resources of Estonia)

Laura Timm is known as an International Ultra-High Achievement Authority, Elite Speaker, Trusted Leader, Business & Success Mentor. Laura has gone from being a small-town girl to advising some of the top CEOs around the world. It is Laura’s amazing ability to quickly assess situations and come up with effective solutions as well as her tactical insight and real world experience why so many business people reach out to her for advice.

Laura has a unique skill to view problems that are often seen as complex and deduce them to their most bare elements to come up with reasonable and practical solutions. She has an incredible wealth and depth of knowledge that is mostly derived from first-hand experience while working in different industries. This immense diversity within industries allows her to create an interdisciplinary approach as well as explore profitable partnerships that may be possible.

Laura now speaks on international stages sharing her success strategies. She has spoken on the same stages with some of the world’s greatest names, including Randi Zuckerberg the former Director and spokesperson for Facebook, George Ross ‘The Apprentice’ TV show judge, Hollywood A-Lister John Travolta, American fashion designer Calvin Klein, American rapper- actor-television-host Vanilla Ice, American rapper-actor-businessman 50 Cent, Hugh Hilton the Founding Partner of A&M Capital Real Estate and many others.

Chicago/ USA

Bad money habits are destroying the dreams and futures of individuals across the globe. It doesn’t matter what currency you use – US Dollars, Rands, Euros, Pounds, etc, debt is a global problem. In walks, Robbie Mathews and husband Michael Mathews, both Self-Made Entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, who coaches ordinary citizens to stop their bad spending habits. The educate, motivate and empowers them to make the right financial choices. But be warned, this couple is straight-forward and tells it like it is.

Robbie has 40 years of Information Technology development and management experience within the retail and financial services industry. She retired from a Chicago based Fortune 500 international financial services company. Now, she is a successful entrepreneur, an empowering international speaker, Certified Life Coach and real estate investor. She is also an advocate for giving back both time and money to the community because she believes becoming successful comes with a greater responsibility to help others. Robbie continues to demonstrates her commitment to the community by donating time and money to many charitable organizations as she has done throughout her career.

Says Robbie: “I am very confident in my ability to accomplish any goal I set my mind to. I can be a little stubborn and controlling at times which adds a touch of “spice” to my personality.” “I live by the financial literacy principles that we preach/teach. I know first-hand that educating yourself and your children is critical to making sound financial decisions. You must create a new financial culture for your family,” she believes. The exciting part of her job, she says is to help clients make a positive change in their lives.

Indian origin, residing in the UK

BindarDosanjh Founder of Smart Core Wealth and Female Property Alliance is a multiple award winning, financially free property investor and Property Mentor, international speaker and lawyer with a portfolio worth several million pounds all done part time and as a single parent. She has mentored countless people mainly women, ranging from 18 to 73 years old on her process to enable her students to quit the rat race of a job and unleash their dreams with the support of passive income from property to allow them to have choices, freedom, lifestyle and of course their time back.

Her Mission in life is “empower, educate and inspire other women to take control of their financial destiny so they can impact the next generation”. Bindar’s motto is “if I she can do it so can you”. There is a strategy for everyone despite your financial or personal background. From humble beginnings to a multiple award winning property millionaire.

Born in Albania, residing in Canada

Keidi believes that the transition into the emerging new Earth can happen with gratitude, grace & lots of celebration. She is a sought out coach, healer & collaborator by leaders who are creating harmonious communities. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Keidi facilitates retreats, ceremonies & meditations that inspire deep transformation and self-actualization.

As a trained master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Life coaching and Nutrition Science, she brings the tools and skills to cause a new personal & healthy collective reality. As a spiritual teacher & healer, she shares the loving energies of Divine Healing Hands, Eastern alternative medicine, Reiki and other quantum energetic modalities. Her intuition and easy and clear manner of simplifying personal development enables her clients to live miraculous lives.

A huge lover of dancing, music and art, Keidi especially enjoys coordinating and bringing exceptional practitioners of the healing arts to festivals and special events. She believes celebrations can involve the healthiest foods, heavenly massages and healing treatments that boost long-term vitality and even more dancing. She is known as a brilliant light connecting various communities.

From South Africa, residing in France

Connie-Lee Bennett is the fabulous founder of the Meraki Therapy and T.H.R.I.V.E healing technique and brings holistic psychotherapy to the awareness of modern society. She loves to ask “who are you?” and encourages her clients to rediscover their own answers. Her methods are so effective because she works to uncover the root of her client’s pain and once the source is identified she provides the tools to help her client’s design a life of fulfilment.

Currently writing her first book, Connie practices Holistic psychotherapy (in which she was voted the ‘Best in Paris’ in 2016 via Expatriates Magazine and has been nominated again this year) and Heal Your Life® coaching both online and one-to-one, leads certified Heal Your Life® workshops, has an online platform where she has a variety of Inspirational eCourses, is an international public speaker, Radio Personality on Expat Radio, has appeared on International TV, been featured in and has been on the cover of International Magazines, and is the Ambassador of the Global Woman’s Magazine Club in Paris. Find out more at and


DARLA BOONE: Visionary, Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, has been an active promoter of the Holistic Health and Wellness Movement for 35 plus years, and has spent the last 9 year as an independent television producer her shows are broadcast on PBS Television Nationally.
Her background takes in transpersonal psychology, holistic health, socially activism, she created a radio talk show “Healing Choices with Darla”, development “Rejuvenation Destination Magazine”, she co-created “Rejoice and Rejuvenate” one of the first yoga center in the pacific northwest, during the explosion Ms. Boone developed and launched “Darla Inc.” and went public with her then innovated Wellness membership concept, she also has a business, sales, marketing, and promotions back ground, is the Founder & CEO of Boone Media Productions, and Boone International, Inc. She is presently in production on a documentary film ‘Finding Unity, with Ervin Laszlo” also in pre-production on “Wellness from Within, Exploring the New Wellness Frontier” both to be launched nationally and internationally in late 2018 and 2019 her new series on women “Phenomenal Women of the World”, will launch late 2018 she is writing her first book, “Life of a Hopeful Monster”.

Gayle Gladstone has worked as a television and film producer creating programs such as Tapping the Source and other media dedicated to bringing cutting edge information to general audiences. Gayle managed the singing and acting career of Hoyt Axton (Joy to the World, sound track for Easy Rider, etc.) and has worked with international organizations including the Club of Budapest for which she served five years as a director. Gayle is committed to helping authors reach their largest possible audiences and to books which help children and their families.

Dr. Emily Letran is an international speaker and trainer in High Performance, dedicated in helping business professionals maximize their potential in personal and business life, streamline business and increase profits, winning back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their family, children and pursue their passion., . She is also a general dentist who owns two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. As a mother of three, Dr. Letran creatively balances work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur.

Dr Letran is the author of several books and the founder of The Emily Letran Foundation, dedicated to providing basic dental care to veterans and families of disadvantaged background in her monthly Free Dentistry Day.

SHELLIE HUNT — Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Motivational Speaker, Trauma Expert, Author of the “Success is by Design” Series and TV executive producer.

Shellie is Founder and CEO of the Women of Global Change, Success is by Design, ReMake MY Life LLC, and other multiple companies.  Shellie has shared the stage with some of the top human potential and business speakers in the world and is a lead mentor in the Billionaire Adventure Club.  She has appeared on national talk and radio shows with audiences in the millions and has been mentioned in  Her appearances are numerous from CBS, ABC, USA Today, CBS MoneyWatch, Beyond the Dow, HLN, FOX and many others.

Shellie Hunt’s gift of transformational impact has taken her clients beyond motivation, to lasting results through teaching the precise “How to” in the designs of your success from the inside out!

Shellie is honored to have received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House, and the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from Barrack Obama.  Shellie has been recognized by several branches of the US Government for her dedication, services, and work to include multiple awards in areas of Business Leadership, Mentorship, and Entrepreneurship.  These accolades include the U.S. Congress Business Leader Award, Business Leadership Award from the California State Senate, and the California Merit Award.  The California State Board of Equalization has presented Shellie with an Award in Business and she earned from the California Legislature Assembly the Local Businesswoman Award.  The City and County of Los Angeles presented her with Recognition and Commendation Speaker Awards and she accepted an Entrepreneurship Award from the State Attorney – County of Maryland.   Shellie has been honored in the area of mentorship and innovation by California State University Long Beach with the Team Mentor Award and has been recognized internationally with the Global Iconic Innovation Award.  In addition, she received the Diamond Rose Award in Motivational Speaking from the Multicultural Motion Picture Association,Global Humanitarian Award at the World Congress Center, and the International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award for Excellence.

She has appeared as a featured host/speaker in a documentary series entitled “Freedom” for the Human Potential Network.  Shellie currently is a proud member of the Alliance of Women and Media, which promotes positive progress and change for women and sits as a judge for the last seven years for nationally televised Gracie Awards.  Shellie   served as a national board member for the NWPC (National Women’s Political Caucus), and hosted the 2014 Emma Awards.

In 2014, the special honor of knighthood was bestowed upon Dame Shellie Ann Hunt by the Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitallers of St. John, now known as The Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory.  This is the oldest historical charitable order, which started the world’s first hospitals to serve humanity, regardless of caste, creed, or ability to pay.  As the First Lady of Entrepreneurs, she has served well over tens of thousands of women and children worldwide in communities and outreach programs.  Shellie has also taught reintegration to Veterans in transition at Cal State Long Beach.

Shellie has currently been described in the international press as “One of the best orators and coaches of human potential available for public speaking and a master of business structure and multiple sources of income.”  Her speaking skills and courses cover the full spectrum.  She has focused her life’s work in the realm of human potential and business success.  Shellie has presented to and coached well over ten thousand individuals from all walks of life.  These include CEO’s, business owners, inventors, authors, managers, Supreme Court Judge, blue-collar industries, teen trainings, as well as the general public.

For over 25 years Shellie Hunt has specialized in personal improvement and corporate leadership trainings.  She has worked with major corporations to include Time Warner, M3, The Young Entrepreneurs Society, VH1, Pacific Electric, and Kimberly Clark to name a few.  Having grown up in poverty, Shellie’s passion and mission is to show people they too can create their own life success and awaken to all that is possible!

One of Shellie’s proudest accomplishments is that she is a single mom. Shellie and her daughter are working on a new TV Show and love working together to empower others from Southern California, to all over the world.


From Germany, Residing in US & Germany
German by birth & upbringing
Disruptive & positive by design
Tenacious & strategic by default
Educator & learner by trade
Curious & innovativ by nature
Charismatic by choice
Brigitta is the founder of the Montessori School of Cleveland (est. 2002), Fast-racked trainer and retired lead coach of the largest self-development company in the world (est. 2014), proud mother of Amelie and Ana, wife of the renowned Culture Guy and award winning German Language School Founder & Principal and Montessori School Founder,  Principal and Teacher.
Today Brigitta rocks her newest company (est. 2016) where she leads from stage in the art of listening and communicating in 4 dimensions – a proven methodology based in the science of the 4 personality types to increase sales and communication up to 300% by cracking someone’s buying and buying-into behavior in less than 90 seconds. 
Brigitta shares the secret, the science, the system and the solution to supercharge YOUR success, especially the women that think they need to do it all by JUGGLING verbal chainsaws in a male dominated world.
Born in Russia, raised in Belgium

Yulia is an passionate entrepreneur, author, public speaker and the founder of “FAB academy”. She was born in Siberia and raised in Belgium, studied Business Management, worked as a Private Banker in Brussels and Geneva. Helped start-ups grow their business abroad and worked as business coach before starting FAB academy, where we help women breakthrough. As a mother of 2 beautiful kids, wife of a gorgeous man and a woman who does not want to settle for less than “amazing”, she took every chance to grow as a businesswoman and as a individual. She failed before, lost everything and learned a lot. Rebuilt it all, but now even more authentic, from the heart and with a bigger vision on how to change the world into a better, more connected place. Her mission is to help women embody their full feminine potential, to build a business they love, where money is the result of the efforts and where you live a life by your own terms and conditions. Don’t choose, don’t want to settle for less. As a business coach, she realized that often we women have different challenges than men building our business, being a parent, a life partner and a woman. That was the reason that FAB academy was founded – for women who won’t settle for less. For women who want to live a balanced life, building a business based on their passions, who strive for freedom in every aspect of their lives. This is possible, if you recognize your feminine power, become more mindful and do not forget: your head is at service of your heart. For her, Feminine entrepreneurship means being mindful – pace, feel, connect and act.

From Romania. Residing in California USA

Aura Imbarus is an awarded educator, freelance journalist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Amazon best-seller and Pulitzer Prize entry, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity, a memoir detailing her life in Romania during the Communist regime. She is also the President and Founder of See Beyond–Live. Love. Inspire, a company focusing on adolescents’ challenges in the 21st century, having as its launching platform See Beyond Magazine (

Dr. Imbarus has a BA in Foreign Languages; MA in American and British Studies and a PhD in World Humanities. Since 1998, she has been teaching high school and college level classes in So. Cal. She was featured on NBC, ABC, CNBS, Good Morning San Diego, Forbes Romania, etc.

Aura Imbarus was the Cultural Director of Viitorul Roman, a Romanian Cultural and Aid Society in California; she still is the President and Co-Founder of RAPN – Romanian American Professional Network. She is an avid supporter of March to the Top Foundation (, Caterina’s Club (, and Defending the Endangered ( non-profit foundation.

Aura is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, having trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Wanita Holmes.

She writes for The Global Woman Magazine in London; Elephant JournalBeverly Hills Times MagazineThe Immigrant, The Eden Magazine, Hermannstader Zeitung in Transylvania and also works as a freelance journalist for Entertainment and Sports Today.

“No matter how hard this moment is, seeing beyond it can shed light on the bigger purpose of life, understanding that there are always two sides to every story, and there is always a reason, a lesson, and an outcome which are deeply interwoven. Many times we have to put up with the rain in order to enjoy the latter beauty of the rainbow.”


Fiona Harrold is the pioneer of coaching in Europe. Known as the ‘Queen Bee of Coaching’, she has brought coaching to the public through television and radio appearances and columns in magazines and newspapers. She works with individuals and businesses to make more impact and more money by being seen as the experts in their field and having a media profile. The Times of London calls her ‘one of the new gurus to get inside our minds.’ Her books include the best-selling, Be Your Own Life Coach, The 10-Minute Life Coach, The 7 Rules of Success, Reinvent Yourself and Indestructible Self-Belief. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Fiona is a popular speaker on stages across Europe and the US.


Fouad I. Ghaly, M.D


A leading Board Certified Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Fouad I. Ghaly, M.D. is considered one of the most influential physicians working in the field of regenerative medicine therapies. He has participated in numerous regenerative medicine conferences all over the world, often as a guest lecturer or highlighted participant. He has also collaborated with a distinguished, international group of leading physicians, researchers and scientists on various projects. Highlights include presentations on Regenerative Medicine, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, EECP Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Tissue Specific Stem Cell Research and Application. Dr.Ghaly attended the University of Alexandria Medical School in Egypt, then transferring to Winnipeg, Canada to complete his residencies at Winnipeg General Hospital, St. Boniface Hospital and the Health Science Center at the University of Manitoba in 1969. A fellowship at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD continued to provide him with valuable education on Intensive Care Medicine and Cardiac Anesthesia. Dr.Ghaly received many accolades as an associate clinical professor at various universities and was elected “Best Clinical Educator” by the senior class at the University of Washington, School of Medicine. By 1995, Dr.Ghaly focused his attention on an exciting new field, founding the GhalyCenter for Regenerative Medicine where he continues to incorporate innovative scientific research, alternative therapies, state of the art technology, and conventional medicine to create customized treatment plans.


As a Certified BioTE Practitioner, Dr.Ghaly is amongst a select group of leading physicians who is qualified to skillfully insert bio-identical pellets that release hormones based on cardiac output. Fouad I. Ghaly, M.D. is a Diplomat of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians and the American College of Anesthesiology. He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as a Scientific Board Member of the European Society of Regenerative Medicine. He is also a Board Examiner for the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr.Ghaly is passionate about educating and guiding his patients and community to “live better longer”. He often speaks at the world renownedMegaPartnering events where he leads notable industry leaders and business tycoons to enhance their performance and harness their maximum potential. Dr.Ghaly oversees offices in Beverly Hills and Torrance, California. In addition, he has partnered with physicians in Aspen, Colorado in creating a Regenerative Medicine Center and Medical Spa that offers the latest in cutting edge therapies.


From US, residing Texas

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk is a humanitarian, conscious-capitalist, published writer, internationally award winning sculptor, (recognized by the Buckminster Fuller Institute for being the first artist to innovate on geodesics to create the human figure), human rights/environmental activist, social-responsible investor (including Women That Soar and multiple eco-conscious startups) and frequently requested international speaker. She has spoken at and moderated forums around the globe including for NEXUS at the United Nations and White House, Parliament of World Religions, TEDx, The Club of Budapest, the Cordoba Initiative, The Temenos Academy of Integral Studies and was the keynote speaker for 64th World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs in November 2016. She also helped to negotiate the first treaty in 300 years, (HANA – Hopi And Navajo Alliance), between Hopi and Navajo nations, “She serves as President and co-founder of The John Philp Thompson Foundation and as President for The Memnosyne Institute, an international non-profit she co-founded with her husband, Joshua. Through it, they have supported programs around the world focused on empowering humanity to address the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world – leading them both to be identified by three-time-nominated-Nobel-Peace-Prize Dr. Ervin Laszlo as two of the “21st Century Visionary Thinkers” leading innovative humanitarianism for their “social acupuncture” model. The organization includes three chapters – one in Israel/Palestine, one in Japan and one in Mexico where these initiatives include cultural centers for the Tolteca people of Teotihuacan and the Maya in the Yucatan. In 2017, the first prototype for the organization’s “School Out of A Box” initiative aimed at providing high school and university education to the poorest regions of the world will be launched on the Mayan cultural center campus, Raxalaj Mayab. She and her husband plan along with those of The Memnosyne Institute and outside partners, to extend the School Out of A box program to Jordan, Haiti, and various other places who have requested it including countries in Africa, Romania and various regions of the USA. She has been published in various magazines including The Transpersonal Psychology Association’s “The Transcender”, YPO’s Real Leaders Magazine which recognized her as a “Real Young Leader to watch on the international scene, contributed chapters to various books including “Dawn of The Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and The Future of The World” by Dennis Kingsley and Ervin Laszlo, “Developing A Global Agenda: Expert Insight from the inaugural STEP Global Congress” collected by STEP, “Sparks of Genius: Powerful Sparks of Creative Insight from 100+ Global Thought Leaders” collected by Julie Ann Turner, is a contributing author as well for Mirela Sula’s, (CEO of Global Woman Magazine), “50 Inspirational Migrant Women From Struggle to Success” due to come out in Fall 2017, serves as the editor for “Empower” magazine, (a magazine published collaboratively between The Memnosyne Institute and Club of Budapest), and has been on the cover of other publications including Global Woman, Mujer USA, Femme International and Forbes Mexico. She serves the NEXUS Youth Summit (an organization of over 3,000 humanitarians who range from ages 20-40) as the Chair of the NEXUS Working Group on Indigenous Issues, as an Advisory Board member, helped the set up of NEXUS Mexico, she also serves on the board of the Interfaith Center of New York, the board of the Mexic-Arte Museum and as an active mentor for many individual humanitarians/activists around the globe, co-founded the Humanitarian Innovation Forum at the UN with Kunal Sood and served to help mediate between Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Don Edward Beck to bring their life’s work together to help provide the basis for engineers to address the interconnections between social, economic, environmental influences on the SDG’s via a collaboration led by The Memnosyne Institute in the formation of Planetary Indaba, a B-corp. The hope is for the resulting technology to be made accessible to the public through the Memnosyne Campus for Humanity here in Dallas, Texas.


She has received numerous awards for her humanitarian work including Women That Soar’s 2009 Philanthropy Award, The Aga Khan Foundation’s 2012 Appreciation Award, Southern Methodist University’s 2013 Profiles in Leadership Award, 2013 Northwood University’s Distinguished Women Award, 2014 Mexic-Arte Museum’s Civic Leader in The Arts Award, and shared the 2015 NOVUS Humanitarian Innovation Award with her husband, Joshua. In 2016 she was recognized by being made a Fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce dedicated to 21st Century Enlightenment. Currently, she is working on two books: one, “Southland”, is about three generations of her family’s social/environmental activism and the other, on the “Social Acupuncture” process, is being written with Juan Carlos Kaiten and Thomas Johns. In 2017 she served on the Women That Soar/American Airlines’ “Dare2Soar” speakers’ panel on issues facing USA women in the past, present and future, will served as the keynote speaker for “Peacemakers Incorporated”’s 30th Anniversary Luncheon in 2017 and as the keynote “Master Conference Speaker” for the U.N. Affiliated “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2017” in Mexico.  Her most recent regional goal includes hoping to establish Eco-Eco, a B-corp, with her collaborating partner, Tania Arrayales Rodriguez, aimed at creating economically feasible ecologically responsible homes for the lower tax bracket within the state of Texas.

Lana Plat focus is Global Opportunities, she is full of enthusiasm on running Success Forum Events around the Globe to further Business and Personal Development for those who want to Improve their current Success. Her Real Estate and Investments background in Canadian Real Estate, Property Management, Construction and Mortgage Industry has landed her on the Top Ten List with #1 Global Brand and #1 Office within that brand during her 2nd Yr in Business in the 1st Month of joining that Firm. For the past 6Yrs Lana runs her own Real Estate, Mortgage and Construction Company on autopilot. Lana spoke for many organizations on a variety of Business and Self Development topics and will continue with her Business Coaching Practice which she has established expertise in at her early 20s with Global Fortune 500 Company and has taken since then to many Businesses large or small. Lana’s success results have thus far shaken the world for many of her clients and she will always rely on World Leading Coaching Practice to help her clients Grow. Reach out to Lana and See your Business Grow.


Date – 8th October, 2017

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