Bad money habits are destroying the dreams and futures of individuals across the globe. It doesn’t matter what currency you use – US Dollars, Rands, Euros, Pounds, etc, debt is a global problem. In walks, Robbie Mathews and husband Michael Mathews, both Self-Made Entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, who coaches ordinary citizens to stop their bad spending habits. The educate, motivate and empowers them to make the right financial choices. But be warned, this couple is straight-forward and tells it like it is.

Robbie has 40 years of Information Technology development and management experience within the retail and financial services industry. She retired from a Chicago based Fortune 500 international financial services company. Now, she is a successful entrepreneur, an empowering international speaker, Certified Life Coach and real estate investor. She is also an advocate for giving back both time and money to the community because she believes becoming successful comes with a greater responsibility to help others. Robbie continues to demonstrates her commitment to the community by donating time and money to many charitable organizations as she has done throughout her career.

Says Robbie: “I am very confident in my ability to accomplish any goal I set my mind to. I can be a little stubborn and controlling at times which adds a touch of “spice” to my personality.” “I live by the financial literacy principles that we preach/teach. I know first-hand that educating yourself and your children is critical to making sound financial decisions. You must create a new financial culture for your family,” she believes. The exciting part of her job, she says is to help clients make a positive change in their lives.