Lara Khalaf supports women in business become extraordinary people leaders. “Hard work”, “responsibility” and “Love” are the 3 main qualities that most define her career and life accomplishments to date. Lara was raised between Syria and Spain and currently resides in London; She is passionate about working with women to support them flourish in their businesses and leadership roles so they become confident and successful.

Lara holds a degree in literature, however she has more than 18 years of international experience in progressive leadership roles and managing large team operations across organisations in the private, corporate and public sectors. Lara is also a board member of a medical care organisation in Spain. Some of the her clients come from the best in class firms in the world and from a variety of industries such as Medicine, Technology, Sports, Governmental, Entertainment & Music, Insurance, Banking, Investment banking, Automative, Hospitality and Facilities Management, as well as serving several European Royal Families to mention a few. Lara has recently spoken at the prestigious TEDx platform on the topic “the other side of Syria”.