Being aware of the need to empower women through education in the financial markets;Giovana Vega’s goal is to lead women into achieving their highest potential through the trading sector. With a passionate and adventurous personality; Peruvian, Giovana Vega decided to take a chance and reach for the unknown when she decided to drop out of law school and move to Madrid. She began studying marketing and met the love of her life with whom she later moved to the Netherlands.

She completed her studies in book keeping, and found a job in a major cacao and coffee trading company in Amsterdam; where she worked for over 14 years in the finance and controlling department. It is here where her curiosity for understanding how the financial market operates was born and it is also, during this period, that she realized the advantageous position that women possess due to their intrinsic qualities.

In 2016, she successfully concluded her trading program as a Trader of the Foreign Exchange Market and received her certificate from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and at the ForexDuet Academy, in Madrid. And, ever since, she has made it her mission to challenge frontiers by enthusing women to create wealth through the financial markets and taking an active role in its operations.
As founder of Trading for Women, she has been taking her mission as a speaker on many international forums. Currently, Giovana, is preparing for the launching of her first book: “TRADING FOR SUCCESS” which will be available on all formats late fall 2017.