Gema Ramírez is a Visionary, an Inspirational Author, a Conscious Change Agent and a Coach. She lives from her Heart. Her dream is that every person becomes a leader, a Conscious Leader and that every business becomes a Conscious Business. She believes that not everyone is aware that they are the leaders of their own lives. Gema wishes that everyone start to lead their lives from their Heart, with a Purpose or a
Dream, Inspiring others and leaving a Legacy that speaks about them forever.

Gema knows that becoming Conscious Leaders and building Conscious Business have to be done from Love and with Compassion, starting with Self- With over 20 years of working experience in the corporate world, having collaborated with some of the largest IT multinationals like IBM, HP and Cisco Systems, she has a solid and proven background in IT Training, Change Management, Coaching and Leadership. Her passion about her
own self-development and spirituality has driven her life. She is a Reiki Master and has studied many other healing modalities with enlightened teachers. She is the owner and founder of SWEET BLUE, where she offers her
Coaching & Mentoring services and programs. She is the Director of ALIENTACOACHING UK, bringing to the UK market the ´Coaching and Conscious & Emotional Intelligent Leadership Program´ that has been changing lives in Spain. She is also the chairman of SHAMBHALA TRUST, an educational Trust based in Glastonbury, UK dedicated to

inspiring people to raise in Consciousness. Her first book, ´Love Unboxed´, is an International Best-Seller.