DARLA BOONE: Visionary, Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, has been an active promoter of the Holistic Health and Wellness Movement for 35 plus years, and has spent the last 9 year as an independent television producer her shows are broadcast on PBS Television Nationally.
Her background takes in transpersonal psychology, holistic health, socially activism, she created a radio talk show “Healing Choices with Darla”, development “Rejuvenation Destination Magazine”, she co-created “Rejoice and Rejuvenate” one of the first yoga center in the pacific northwest, during the dot.com explosion Ms. Boone developed and launched “Darla Inc.” and went public with her then innovated Wellness membership concept, she also has a business, sales, marketing, and promotions back ground, is the Founder & CEO of Boone Media Productions, and Boone International, Inc. She is presently in production on a documentary film ‘Finding Unity, with Ervin Laszlo” also in pre-production on “Wellness from Within, Exploring the New Wellness Frontier” both to be launched nationally and internationally in late 2018 and 2019 her new series on women “Phenomenal Women of the World”, will launch late 2018 she is writing her first book, “Life of a Hopeful Monster”.