German by birth & upbringing
Disruptive & positive by design
Tenacious & strategic by default
Educator & learner by trade
Curious & innovativ by nature
Charismatic by choice
Brigitta is the founder of the Montessori School of Cleveland (est. 2002), Fast-racked trainer and retired lead coach of the largest self-development company in the world (est. 2014), proud mother of Amelie and Ana, wife of the renowned Culture Guy and award winning German Language School Founder & Principal and Montessori School Founder,  Principal and Teacher.
Today Brigitta rocks her newest company (est. 2016) where she leads from stage in the art of listening and communicating in 4 dimensions – a proven methodology based in the science of the 4 personality types to increase sales and communication up to 300% by cracking someone’s buying and buying-into behavior in less than 90 seconds. 
Brigitta shares the secret, the science, the system and the solution to supercharge YOUR success, especially the women that think they need to do it all by JUGGLING verbal chainsaws in a male dominated world.