We will be spending ten days with ten inspiring women in Hollywood filming with the producer Darla Boone, a documentary film for PBS TV. PBS America is watched by 95 million viewers per month on broadcast TV throughout America, with 200 million (82% of households) watching PBS over the course of a year. Through their membership video service there are more than 31 unique viewers and 386 million video views each month.

The Phenomenal Global Woman Show will be part of a series to be broadcast between 01 March 2018 and 01 March 2019. Initially it will be shown on three LA networks with the possibility of it being broadcast on other PBS networks throughout the US.

Filming will also be taking place at the conference (let us know if you don’t want to be included) but for those who would welcome an appearance, while there are no guarantees you do have to be there to be in with a shout! This may be your chance to shine, meet the producer, and who knows, be featured in a future Phenomenal Global Woman Show! Not only that, you could be on the front cover of Global Woman magazine and in a follow up book for the next ten phenomenal global women!

Remember, to be in the show, you have to show up!